The products manufactured by VENAIR are guaranteed in the way specified in this document, in no case covering claims for any injury caused by these products.

Cover of the guarantee

The product guarantee lasts for a period of six months as from the date the product is sold (invoice date). VENAIR guarantees that its products have been manufactured without defects, either in the materials or in the labor, and have been designed and produced in line with the data sheet specifications and in accordance with industrial standards and practices.

The VENAIR products are NOT authorized for either medical or hospital applications. They are only suitable for the expressed certified applications.

Within the guarantee period, VENAIR will be responsible for any defect in the product's operation due to its manufacture, replacing the product once the technical department of VENAIR has verified that it has a production defect.

The product will be replaced EX WORKS, with the client meeting any transport and installation costs. The guarantee of VENAIR only covers its products and will not cover, in any case, other materials, labor costs due to the replacement of parts, repairs or other ensuing costs.

The product will only be replaced if it is returned to VENAIR duly packaged and with the claim form duly filled out.

Invalidation of the guarantee

This guarantee will not be valid if the product supplied by VENAIR has not been stored, handled, assembled or started up in accordance with the conditions specified by VENAIR in catalogues and technical files, or when the product has been damaged due to it being exposed to inappropriate external agents (chemical or corrosive agents, unsuitable voltages, incorrect electrical installations, etc.).

Neither does this guarantee cover the habitual wear and tear of the product.