Vena® Bio is the brand behind the biotech range of products manufactured by Venair and distributed by its branch VENAIR BIOTECH S.A., where biocompatibility, integrity, validations, GMP manufacturing and traceability are the standard procedures.


Venair is an engineering company, since 1986, specializing in the design and manufacturing of hoses and special pieces in silicone. Experts in the creation of high-quality elastomers, offering solutions for fluid flow where there are vibrations, system movement or a need for custom flexibility. We are working in the most demanding markets: food, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, military, nautical, aerospace and energy generation.

We are part of an international group with several branches strategically distributed in America, Europe and Asia, providing service in more than 70 countries.
We succeed by working rigorously and committing ourselves to the fullest extent to provide the best solutions to our customers. Investing in research and obtaining certifications to provide, in each case, the best we can offer.
Living by example, respecting others, believing in everything we do and showing our admiration to those who, like us, have decided to overcome all obstacles every day. Passionate about what we do. Enjoying our work, the experience and to continue learning at every moment.